Basically, Facebook is a number one universal social network used for both personal and commercial needs. Because such a vast number of people spend their time in the world of Facebook (turning their attention back to the real world once in a while), this social media platform has become a major part of promo campaigns and brand development strategies for many entrepreneurs, various businesses and big organisations.

At the same time Facebook is a meeting point for people of various specialities, characters and cultures. It is unique opportunity to communicate with users from various parts of the world and learn something new. Thanks to group and fan pages, which by the way, are actively used for commercial purposes, you can now enjoy diverse content, make friends with people who share your ideas, as well as constantly track new tendencies in the areas of your interest. All you need to do is find the right web resource.

Although the area of our interests is rather capacious, it is rather obvious that main points are web design and development. Sometime ago we needed a list of popular Facebook resources on this subject to complete one of our tasks. Making of this list turned into a rather long and tedious process, but now we’re ready to share the result with you. We hope you will find our list useful and it will be of help to you as you plunge into the world of Facebook.

Here the most popular web designer and development Facebook fan pages:

1) Smashing Magazine . Popular magazine in this segment targeted for providing their readers with truly helpful and innovational information. No wonder that with such a strong presence in social media, Smashing Magazine has a tons of fans and followers.The top-level quality of their content has helped as well.

2) Tuts+ Design and Illustration. Cool resource for self education. It contains numerous tutorials, courses, vectors, graphics, etc. Posts are always up-to-date and very informative, video can help accelerate the implementation of monotonous tasks, and tips always teach something new.

3) Webdesigner Depot . This resource offers you the unhackneyed selection of content and colourful images with the accent on trending tendencies in the world of design. Browse this fan page to find truly helpful practical tips and get your dose of inspirational entertaining content.

4) Creative BloQ . They call themselves an “Everyday inspiration for creative people”. And this claim is hard to argue with. Guys from Creative BIoQ post high quality content, so you could keep your creative muscles toned day-to-day.

5) Creative Market. Creative Market is a popular marketplace with thousands of excellent and fabulous items to sell and buy. And don’t forget their nice weekly freebies. Creative market is a big designers’ community where people share their experience and help each other. On this wonderful Facebook fan page you can learn about latest design trends and get a gulp of fresh ideas to use in your work.

6) Awwwards. This awesome source will supply you with tons of inspiration and bold ideas every day. Awwwards call themselves “The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.” These guys regularly hold the polls to determine and award “the best” in various categories. Subscribe to their amazing Facebook fan page and enjoy!

7) Inspirationfeed. The name says it all. Inspirationfeed is an incredible magazine to draw inspiration from. Here you can find web sources and learn about innovations in the world of design. Grab your portion of inspiration and create.

8) DesignModo. Meet the magazine with daily selections of high quality web design and development freebies and premium products. Follow their updates to be in the loop!

9) Webdesigntuts+. UnlikeTuts+ Design and Illustration, Webdesigntuts+ specializes solely in web design, and provides you with latest news, illustrations, tips, tutorials, videos, as well as advice for css-masters and ui-designers

10) Envato Market . Probably every development or design lover has heard about this huge marketplace for almost all kinds of digital products – themes, plugins, graphics, videos, 3D animation and much more. This guys provide powerful support for all the products, offer product promotion and discuss your future end product with other users. At the same time, they offer cool practical tips on how to create “ready-to-sell” trendy products, give marketing advice and provide you with latest Envato news.

11) D&AD. We can call this website a good taste and inspiration shaper. D&AD is a non-profit community of creative people, designers and marketers lead by Awards. The surplus content of the latter is shared on D&AD to find and help young talents from all over the world. Its Facebook fan page is daily updated with captivating content, artist works and historical facts from the art world, as D&DA themselves are among the creators of this very history.

12) This is a cool design and tech weblog targeted at designers, developers, freelancers and bloggers. At first glance, hongkiat seems like one of many blogs swarming the internet. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that hongkiat is an endless source of up-to-date news, freebies, cute videos (yeah, sometimes) and engaging articles with highly relevant content.

13) 1stwebdesigner. The Community of professional designers. This powerful source can teach you work faster and set up a better working environment. It will tell you all about latest trends, free resources, freelance websites and much more – James Richman and Co know how to do their job and they do it well.

14) sitepoint . Online community of web professionals who share their experience and achievements to create new awesome products. Endless current of helpful information will not let you get bored or lazy.

15) onextrapixel is a popular online magazine targeted at web designers, developers and web professionals. Daily updates, interesting and easy to learn tips that will come in handy when working on your new creations.

Obviously, this is not a complete list of the top popular and useful Facebook sources targeted for creative people and web developers. We simply created a list of popular pages based on the number of likes and visits, as well as our own preferences. So don’t hesitate to write your suggestions or/and favorite facebook fan pages in comments below.