Creation of a Fan Page or a Group is the first step to promoting your product/brand/website on Facebook. Surely, if it is the creation of such page or group that you’re after, then congratulations, you will easily succeed:) However, if you have a bigger goal, then you’ll have to do a lot of work which, if done right, will help you get the desirable result – large number of fans who fall under the category of your target audience which can bring you profit, popularity and even more profit.

Let’s take at look at the main options available for promotion of Fan Pages and Groups. Keep in mind that these are only a few options, as everyone comes up with their own new ideas of how to promote on Facebook.

Fan Page

  • Option to invite Facebook friends is available.
  • Design and description of the page can be customized. Design has now become a crucial part of any promotion campaign. Often it is the “package” that catches the eye of potential customers, users and followers. Draw their attention with cool design, pick relevant application tabs, and make sure that selection of the material you post will make page visitors want to return.
  • Fan Page address can be put on business cards, social media, while Facebook plugin can also be added to the website. On Twitter, for example, you can contact your followers with the message asking to like your Fan Page.
  • You can determine and find your target audience. The quality here  is much more important than quantity. Of course, sending out invitations to each and every user may also work, but the result of such campaign will probably equal zero (or close to a zero), if fans don’t visit the page simply because it doesn’t match their interests.
  • The process of promotional campaign creation depends on what you plan to promote – the post or the whole page. There is also an option to promote the page specifically to get more page “likes”. This way your page can reach friends of the friends and users unrelated to your page. To appeal to the same audience again, choose an option to show posts to the audience related to your Page.
  • Option to announce the creation of the Page in the Group is available. Group can also be linked to the Page.
  • Don’t forget about your personal website or blog, if you have any! Add Facebook Like box application to the blog or site, and indicate Fan Page address.
  • Do you work in the team? Then ask all team members to add Fan Page address to the information on their personal profile.
  • Paid advertising of posts, page and website is available. You can use the additional instruments of advertisement to create the most effective campaign and reach target audience.
  • Option to change the Page URL is available, but only until the Page reaches 25 likes.
  • You can arrange various events and post the most up-to-date material.
  • Getting and holding the attention of  the target audience is the key to a successful advertising campaign. Answer comments, call to action and create polls, etc. Don’t ignore your fans!
  • You can view Insights  to analyze the activity of your followers, as well as track the reaction of the audience to every post. Remember that Insights are available only for the Pages with at least 30 likes.
  • When you create videos and presentations, don’t forget to add the name of the page or its address to one the slides.
  • Like exchange is available, although mostly ineffective.
  • You can ask your friends to like the page and its posts to reach friends of the friends (through Timeline notifications).
  • You can comment as a Page, as well as like posts on relevant Fan Pages. It is better to choose popular and frequently visited pages to reach more users (in the timeline of the Page).
  • You can announce your Page on popular Blogs or other Facebook Pages. Such announcements can be posted for a fee or   even for free. The latter option will most likely be available, if the owners of the web source are your relatives, friends or partners willing to introduce your Page free of charge. Barter is another good option, if you can think of something to offer in return.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Group. As Facebook has no options for advertising of the Groups, points stated below can help you promote your group for free (but it will take a lot of effort).


  • Option to invite Facebook users (not only your friends) is available.
  • You can add Friends to the Group (admin can add users to friends and add them to the Group later).
  • Posts from the Group can be reposted on your personal page or your friends can repost them on their pages. Remember the golden rule – never spam!
  • Posting comments with the link to your Group is also an option (if promotion is not obvious). Never spam and remember that such comments must look as natural as possible.
  • Proper tags in Group Settings can help target audience discover your group.
  • Contests can really help promote Facebook Group. Everybody loves contests because everybody loves winning gifts. Competition and a chance to win the prize are one of the most efficient mechanisms to drive target audience to your group.
  • You can post engaging content (ask questions, call to action and publish and relevant news).
  • Group name or address can be placed on the business cards, various social media accounts and websites.
  • Design and description of the Group can be customized. Design is everything!
  • Communicate with your followers on a regular basis. Don’t ever ignore your group members!
  • Analyze the frequency and the types of your publications. This way you will be able to select the most efficient material for your group members and drive more attention of your target audience.

In conclusion, we’d like to say that it is crucial to keep five things in mind when you promote your Fan Page and Group in Facebook:

  • design
  • layout (tabs and applications)
  • communication
  • consistent activity
  • selection of up-to-date material

Try to spread information about your Page or Group to as many resources as you can, but don’t spam. The name of your Page or Groups as well as information about it (whether its placement is paid or not) should always remain within the view of as many users as possible. Make sure to keep in touch with your audience. Work for them and you’ll be rewarded with attention and recognition.

Which means do you use to promote your pages and groups? We’re looking forward to reading your answers in the comments under this post.