Search engines take a great place of our online life, because they bring more visitors to WordPress site/blog as long as we follow basic SEO requirements. Honestly, search engine optimization it’s not too easy job, but you can play with different SEO plugins and tools to find the perfect options for getting more traffic. In this article we offer you to familiarize with the Best SEO Plugins and Tools for WordPress.

SEMRush is a really powerful solution for analyzing data of your competitors to improve your own SEO and enhanced your project to the next level.

This incredible tool allows you to learn your competitor’s ads strategies,  in organic section you can check an organic positions for domain name or URL, check competitor backlinks for using this information in getting backlinks for your own site and much more.

It a repository of priceless knowledge and it is important to properly dispose of them. SEOrush is a paid-for-subscription tool, but it worth it’s price.

seo wordpress plugin by yoast

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugin for all time. It’s extremely easy to use even for beginner and it offers wide range of function for almost all your SEO site’s needs. Plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes, so just install it and use for any theme.

With the installation, you will get an opportunity to optimize each post and page according to search engine requirements and get already generated Sitemap. Yoast panel help to define main keyword,  fill meta description and upgrade you post to a high level by following some tips at page analysis tab. Facebook option is integrated.

google key planner seo tool

Keyword Planner Tool is a really useful tool for all Google account owners. Whether you are newcomer to online ads or just ‘like a boss’ in this sphere, you can build successful online ads campaign by using Google Adwords tool. So, you can combine existing keyword groups in your future campaign or create new one from keywords Google proposes you. Google Keyword Planner is completely free and it highly recommended to resort to his help before writing any new post or other content for your WordPress site/blog.

seo quake extention

SEOquake is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera as well. This add-on is free and provides SEO information about relevant sites. It offers different parameters: Alexa indicators, page rank, pages that are indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing and much more. It occupies a worthy place in the list of ‘the most downloaded’  SEO add-ons.

Besides, SEOquake shows SEO information under each site in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu search result panel and you will be able to export these data in CVS format.

open site explorer moz seo toll wordpress

Open Site Explorer is a free tool with a daily search limit by Moz. With the help of this tool, you can get data about each domain you fill in. You will be able to see top pages and inbound links to them, get information about anchor text of external links, which conduct to root domain and much more. Furthermore, you can compare metrics of needed site and 5 another relevant sites.

To get more features while using this awesome tool, you should pay for Moz Pro Subscription.

all-in-one seo pack plugin

The All in One SEO WordPress plugin is the incredible tool for SEO beginners. All you need to do is upload and activate it, and plugin will optimize your site/blog for search engine absolutely automatically! So, no need to suffer with difficult settings and spend a lot of time adjusting them if you are beginner. Other interesting is that if you are an advanced user, blog-guru, you can play with settings as you wish to get plugin working.


Notice, that all plugins you installed can help you in different issue such as SEO optimization, sharing your content, enhance your site look etc., but at the same time they will ask to access your database and other resources… and your site will load slowly.  Last tip is not to forget about plugins compatibility, because they can come into conflict with each other.