If you are a blog or website owner, make sure you add social share buttons to help your website visitors to share your content the easiest way. You will get more readers/visitors for your blog, it helps you to generate so much traffic from social media, even more, it can help you with search engine ranking.  As was published in the article “The 12 Social Media Marketing Stats of 2013”  (by Alicia Lawrence), 52% of marketers have gained a customer through Facebook, and 35% have done so through Twitter. Don’t  neglect the chance to get more advantages from using social media plugins.

There are many free and premium variants of such plugins. So, we would like to show you some awesome Social Media Sharing WordPress Plugins that are worth to be installed to your site. Notice, that plugins are listed randomly and not in any particular order.

Monarch is an incredible social plugin made by Elegant Themes. It allows you to display social icons in 6 different widget areas of your site: sidebar, above content, below content, pop-up, fly-in, on media. This unique plugin provides an opportunity to customize interface and set it to your needs. Custom Pop-up and Fly-in sharing locations can be displayed when your visitors are finished to read the post or are scrolled page to the bottom – moment, when they are most engaged.


  • Intuitive user-friendly interface
  • Wide selection of widget locations
  • Main social networks support
  • Easy and Flexible
  • Statistic for social sharing, likes and follows
  • Custom Pop-ups and Fly-ins sharing locations

Easy to custom and manage plugin, that provides one of the most powerful way to get more website traffic from social networks.


  • Custom button position by setting margin option
  • Seven themes variations
  • Hover sidebar
  • Two share button locations – top and below content
  • Default share button style

Add This is one of the largest and more popular social media plugin with billions of unique users. Just for 12$ per month you get a great number of capabilities: choose one of “ready-to-use” button styles or create your own, place button to a needed widget area – under post image, below content, at the sidebar etc;  use mobile toolbar; boost more traffic; build sharing statistics and much more. Also you should notice, that most options are completely free!


  • Variations of icon styles
  • Analytic option
  • Use free or pro tools
  • Clean, customizable and simple social buttons

Awesome social media tool Share This was launched in 2005 and still occupies the top positions in its niche. Share This provides big and small social icons with clean design, generates analytic report and offers exclusive CopyNSpace feature that lets you track when readers/visitors copy your URL.


  • Analytic report option included
  • CopyNSpace widget feature
  • Hovering bar which is presented on the left or right bar
  • Top social channel reports
  • 120 websites support

Jetpack adds is a great solution not just for providing share button option, but also for using mobile, customization, content, security and site performance tools. It offers plenty useful options for website optimization: boost speed of image delivery, manage site’s activity with notifications, sharing content option, email subscriptions and much much more! It’s like an “all-in-one” tool for your website and Jetpack  is completely free.


  • Your site security protection tools
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Statistic in your WordPress.com account
  • Lightweight, easy to use and fully responsive Mobile Theme
  • Recent Tweets and Facebook Posts widgets
  • Social sharing buttons for posts and pages

Digg Digg is an all-in-one share button plugins, that was made by Buffer. They offer to place floating or statistic social sharing bar to your site.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Floating and statistic social sharing bar
  • Support all popular social networks
  • Custom buttons
  • Horizontal or vertical (sidebar) sharing locations
  • Email and print buttons

Sure, it’s not the complete list of social media WordPress plugins and if you have your favorite one, you could recommend it via comments below.